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  • LordOtherGuest


    March 22, 2017 by LordOtherGuest


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  • LordOtherGuest

    Well guys, I'm just, I, I, I'm so completely fucking pissed.

    Because I'm still getting ignored.

    I just needed a talk. I needed a fucking talk.

    I don't understand why am I still getting ignored.

    I'm so tired of all these fucking bullshits fucking ignoring me.

    First of all, on GD wikia, GD Ghost didn't wanted to contribute to this wikia

    because she don't want to.

    Seriously, that's not real reason at all!!

    also, I saw that she tell all wikia users to ignore me.

    She didn't even fucking showed me a real reason!

    She tried to get everyone to ignore me, well she just fucking succeeded!

    I tried to talk with peoples, and I'm still, getting ignored!

    Choonie just talked to Kuroshiro-Joge on deviantart that

    I just blocked Choonie because she told me to shut the fuc…

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  • LordOtherGuest

    It's not like nobody is giving shits about me. Nobody wants to fucking contribute to my wikia. It's just like "I DONT WANT 2 KONTRAIBUT 2 TIS WIKIA CUZ WII DONT WANT 2" and some bullshit. I'm sick and tired of being ignorant. just contribute to this fucking wikia or waste your damn time.

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  • LordOtherGuest


    July 18, 2016 by LordOtherGuest

    WTF IS DIS FUCKIN USELESSS BLOG!?!?!??????????????????????????????

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  • LordOtherGuest

    I need a name idea. plz give me a name idea for my new series

    its about me doing something

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