Othest: So I have another story to share with you guys.

Othest: When I started drawing on deviantart, I was used to draw some Geometry Dash arts.

Othest: But now, I can't draw it anymore.

Othest: I lost my effort to draw arts.

Othest: When I asked someone IRL to let me draw something that is amazing, he said this:

"Why draw some shitty arts? At least you have a small cock to sex with!"

Othest: Small cock? Small cock!? I'm just a badass motherfu-

Othest: ...shit

Othest: So I reported him into a police because he said some sexual harassment.

Othest: But I still don't know how to draw!

Othest: I was just thinking to myself "WHY WON'T MY BRAIN LET ME DRAW!?!?!?"

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