Othest: I like to share some stories with you.

Othest: Sometimes I'm having explosive diarrhea like shit that flies all over the place.

Othest: So I got to toilet, and of course, diarrhea just exploded all over the place.

Othest: And when I tried to shower, I was tripping shit.

Othest: I WAS TRIPPING SHIT!! From.. um.. FROM MY ASS!!!

Othest: There was a shits everywhere even on my body!

Othest: Then I said, "OH SHIT! WHAT CAN I DO!?!?"

Othest: Yea, there was shit, the shits was all over the place!

Othest: And these shits just, flied all over the place.

Othest: There was a shit all over the wall and a shits all over the floor even in the fan!


Othest: Yea, It was disgusting!

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