• BPM: 75

Crazy Voice: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Impossible Game: You must be a fool step to myself

Geometry Dash: Your levels are so boring so boring as fuck

The Impossible Game: OK Geometry Dash you big fattie

The Impossible Game: I'll land on your ass, screw your gravity

The Impossible Game: I'll beat you up, you'll go OUCH

The Impossible Game: You're against me, fuck yourself not me

The Impossible Game: Suck my dick if you think you're the best

The Impossible Game: Actually, I don't care about you, screw this pest

Geometry Dash: We're way better, we just got lotsa awesome levels

Geometry Dash: While all levels you make are fucking lame

Geometry Dash: You're copy of mine excluding no decos

Geometry Dash: You can't even make awesome and great levels

Geometry Dash: I'm a fucking G-Dasher, what the fuck are you

Geometry Dash: You're such a copy, I could easily sue

Geometry Dash: You can't get awesome programmer

Geometry Dash: You're so fucking worse than Nicole Arbour

[dashy square joins, can't get this finished. plz help me]

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